Friday, 22 April 2016

Totally Totty for Tiling

I did my first bit of tiling this week and you know what - I loved it!

After a short lesson from Mike I was away. He gave me a good tip with the spacers -  rather than sitting them in the corners of each tile and grouting them in, you can reuse them by using them on their edge and facing them proud of the wall:

Tile adhesive mixed, it was up on to the wall and a tessalation in a brickwork pattern. 
By measuring carefully and taking my time, I found the whole process quite medatitive: 

The lower edges needed some spacer support:

And you can see how different the floor level is from one side to the other:

There were a few tricky components to keep clear of:

But once it all went up I was really impressed:

Next it was time to grout:

And once polished up the shower got installed

I'm really proud of it and now going to attempt the remaining 3 bathrooms AND the kitchen floor!

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