Friday, 26 February 2016

Transforming The Old Cider Barn

Having earmarked the old Cider Barn as our office for the business, we made an agreement with the builders to both batton, insulate, plaster and lay a new floor. So, in advance of their arrival it was a case of clearing out the room. Having taken the press down last year, we were left with the large wooden blocks, still in the steels, so after a bit of wriggle, Mike, Martin and Rick moved the blocks out into the garage:

We were of course going to save everything and find some future use for it all, including the old tray..

Once the big items were removed, I got in and had a good rummage with the remaining. There were lots of treasures to be found (which I have since squirreled away into the chicken shed):

I had a good sweep out and left the place tidy ready for Sully to come in and batton the room out for plasterboard:

We decided to leave the gable end as an exposed stone wall, so doubled up on insulation in the roof and floor:

The walls were boarded out and a new window put in
 (the old one came dislodged in a recent storm and was only single glazed):

And we had already run pipes and electrics into the room, which then fed under the drive to connect to the chicken shed at a later date:

The walls and ceiling got a coat of plaster:

We retained some of the old fixings:

The flooring was laid (a gift from Patrick after he was left with excess from an old job):

And we really liked the way that the old and new worked together throughout the room:

The attention to detail around the old step is brilliant:

And the new door

 (modeled on both the old stable door and those over in the barns)

- is just fab!

Now all we need to do is paint it, connect the electrics and we will have a fully functioning office!

Friday, 5 February 2016


Now that the fireplace had been opened up in the lounge and the floor in the kitchen/diner has almost cured, it's time to book in the installation of the woodburners...

We had a chimney sweep visit to clear the chimney in the lounge - I don't think it had been done for years, but they were in and out in no time at all. We had sourced some reclaimed quarry tiles to fit in the hearth and secured these ready for the burner:

A day of installing and the first burner was in:

For the dining room, we had been advised that we could continue the reclaimed timber wall the full length, so I reconfigured the timbers:

and made it good to fit the back wall:

We then laid a reclaimed flagstone (from the old kitchen floor):

And after a couple of days installing this was burner number 2:

There were a few more technicalities with this one, as their was no chimney and the flue needed boxing in the room above (the bathroom). But they both work great and we are very happy with the colour Welsh Slate Blue. It works brilliantly with the reclaimed tiles in the lounge and the picks of blue in the reclaimed timbers - it's like they were made for the space!